Pricing Policy

Unitech Services' pricing policy is based on fair value pricing – that is a charging policy that is fair and reasonable to both the customer (for the service/work performed) and to Unitech Services (for our time and costs expended in performing the service/work).

For business customers we will supply and install TV and video equipment to your premises for advertising purposes or for the enjoyment of your customers. With the onset of digital transmission progressing we will undertake an assessment of MATV antenna systems in apartment and commercial buildings to assess their suitability for digital transmission and upgrade these systems to digital.

Key aspects of our pricing policy are:


We will be open and transparent with regard to our fees and charges;


We will always provide customers with a quote or indicative cost in advance before proceeding with any job;


We will not indicate that certain services are “free” and then add them into the overall charge under another name;


We will not provide low quotes or indicative costs in order to get on-site and once there try to up-sell or add additional items into the overall cost.

Our pricing structure comprises the following components:

Evaluation/Minimum Fee

For all repair services an evaluation fee is charged when the repair item is booked in to cover the time spent in diagnosing the particular problem and preparing the repair cost.

If the repair proceeds, the evaluation fee forms part of the repair cost and is deducted from the amount payable.

If the repair does not proceed, the evaluation fee is not refundable and becomes a minimum fee.

Service Call

A service call fee is payable for all in-home and on-site services (except pick-up and deliveries – refer below; and in-home warranty repairs) to cover travel expenses such as travel time, motor vehicle expenses, etc. The service call fee includes the first 15 minutes on site and is only charged once for jobs requiring multiple visits.

Pick-up and Delivery

A pick-up and delivery fee is payable when the customer is not able to bring repair items into our workshop. The pick-up and delivery fee also incorporates the evaluation fee.

The fee may vary depending on the distance travelled and the size/weight of the item transported.

Spare Parts and Materials

All spare parts and materials used in work completed are charged out at trade price plus an appropriate mark-up to cover overhead expenses.


Technicians' time is charged out at our standard labour rate. The labour rate is subject to review and variation on an annual basis.